Horizons Italy Gets Italian Businesses Past-Pandemic China Ready

On 11 and 12 October 2023, Horizons will be exhibiting at the Go International Fair in Milan.

Organised by the Italian Foreign Trade Association, Go International is a three-day event that offers business partners and workshop know-how for companies to take the necessary steps to global expansion. The fair is a fantastic opportunity for any company seeking a new market or in an international market to connect with new customers and business partners. 

Italy Exports to China Reaches a Monthly Record

With Italy’s exports to China reaching a monthly record of €3 billion ($3.3 billion) in February 2023, a 62% surge from the same period in 2022, Horizon retains confidence in China’s inbound investment. Despite raising geopolitical tensions between the West and China, China remains committed to multilateralism and warns about the negative impact of international sanctions and decoupling on the global economy – considering them a ‘double-edged sword’. Today, China is still a profitable and dynamic market for foreign brands; however, the focus is on delivering sustainable economic growth fueled by quality over quantity. Therefore, Chinese consumers are favoring high-quality brands that are culturally localised, over just ‘foreign’ branding.

On the regulation side, rapid legislation reforms have optimised the business environment and curbed irregular business practices in China. Today, regulators leverage big data to detect and investigate companies operating in the grey and issue penalties to violators. Specifically, violating companies are listed as Enterprise with Abnormal Operations and it will become an irreversible record for the company. With stricter enforcement, companies wishing to seize opportunities in China need sturdy regulatory compliance and corporate governance -operating in the grey is a big no-no and will face penalties.

Go International Fair

At the Go International Fair, Lucia Myriam Netti, Regional Partner EMEA, will hold three workshops addressing China’s regulatory compliance and corporate governance. Highly experienced in China inbound investment, Lucia will share best practices in activating legal tools for corporate governance and regulatory compliance, and robust commercial contracts for importers and exporters. 

Lucia Myriam Netti, Regional Partner, EMEA

“Italy has many world-famous heritage brands and sought-after quality products for Chinese consumers. The Chinese middle class highly favour Italian brands, from luxury brands to agricultural products. However, poor corporate governance or regulatory compliance has irreversible consequences for investments. The workshops at Go International are designed to increase investor confidence and competence when investing in China. Whether participants are direct foreign investments or exporting and importing from China, the workshops incorporate legal tools for investors to do business with China without unnecessary casualties and monetary losses.”

Roberto Gilardino, Managing Partner, APAC

Roberto Gilardino

“In a post-pandemic world and calls to decouple China, companies who neglect the China market are losing a lucrative market. Of course, inbound investment in China has evolved drastically in recent years, and local competitors are aggressively (and successfully) winning the market. Foreign investments must rethink their China strategy to be profitable and include compliance at each investment stage. The Go International Fair is an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with Horizons and deep dive into investing in China post-pandemic.”

Registration for Go International Fair, 11-12 October 2023, is now open and free for all to attend.


11 October, 14:00

Investment governance and management tools in China

Gain an insight in activating legal tools to govern and manage investments in China

11 October 16:00

Import and export in China: commercial contracts and negotiation techniques.

Understand which contractual terms to include in commercial contracts and how to efficiently negotiate with Chinese business partners.

12 October 12:00

Investment governance and management tools in China

Gain an insight in activating legal tools to govern and manage investments in China

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