Category: Tax

Operational Management in Transfer Pricing

Globalization has led to group enterprises engaging in connected transactions that are frequent, significant in amount and diverse in nature. Facing the rapid development of business, how group enterprises can accurately implement transfer pricing policies according to their business processes, which are an important point to improve synergy, effectively control risks, optimize the overall competitiveness…

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China | Preferential Tax Policies Supporting Green Development 

The State Administration of Taxation recently issued the Guidelines for Tax and Fee Preferential Policies in Support of Green Development ('Guidelines'). The Guidelines aim to reduce the discharge of major pollutants and effectively control environmental risks by implementing preferential tax policies and promoting high-quality development. We highlight the main tax reductions and exemptions below. Contract Energy…

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CHINA | Cross-border Tax Service for Non-residents

China introduces an online tax payment service for non-resident enterprises to optimize tax handling and payments. Annual tax filing management can now be conducted via the online tax payment service. This means that non-resident enterprises do not need to be physically present in China to handle tax-related issues. Equally, the online platform optimizes the international…

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