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Horizons China Welcomes New Sister Firm – Horizons (Moscow) Corporate Advisory LLC

Horizons Group strengthens its footprint in the Russian Federation and The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) by opening a sister firm in Moscow, Horizons (Moscow) Corporate Advisory LLC and its affiliated sub-branches Whilst fully compliant with the global sanctions and in acknowledgement of the North Atlantic Treaty, Horizons Shanghai and its sister Horizons Moscow are…

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Operational Management in Transfer Pricing

Globalization has led to group enterprises engaging in connected transactions that are frequent, significant in amount and diverse in nature. Facing the rapid development of business, how group enterprises can accurately implement transfer pricing policies according to their business processes, which are an important point to improve synergy, effectively control risks, optimize the overall competitiveness…

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ESG | Navigating the What, Why, and How of IFRS Standards

Decoding the Objective, Scope and Conceptual Foundations of IFRS S1 On 26 June, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) issued IFRS 1 - General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-Related Financial Information (IFRS S1) and Climate-Related Disclosures (IFRS S2) (collectively referred to as the "ISSB Standards"). The ISSB Standards significantly shift sustainability disclosure from voluntary to…

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