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CHINA | Getting Employment Contracts Right

Understanding and implementing written employment contracts are essential to business operations. Well-written employment contracts help companies avoid labour disputes or lengthy disputes. In China, the Labour Law and Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China establishes strict provisions for employment contracts. Violating employers can face harsh penalties, so it is crucial to get…

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CHINA | Protecting Trade Secrets

Protecting trade secrets should be a priority in any jurisdiction. For companies, trade secrets are valuable assets that provide a competitive advantage. Establishing confidentiality and non-competition agreements with employees are crucial and practical ways to protect trade secrets. Below, we outline protecting trade secrets under the Chinese jurisdiction. What is the Legal Definition? According to…

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CHINA|Managing Employees with COVID-19

Under class B, employees diagnosed with COVID-19 should be managed under the company policy for sick leave. Companies can determine work from home according to the individual’s symptoms. Though it is essential to establish policies to manage employees’ sick periods and work resumption efficiently.  With the downgrade companies should transit from epidemic prevention to standard…

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