Category: Employment

CHINA | Stop Social Insurance Payments via Agents

Social insurance payments through a third-party agent without establishing a labour relationship is deemed as fraud and illegal. Several Articles issued by the Human Resources and Social Security authorities stipulate that utilising a third-party agent to pay social insurance without establishing a labour relationship between the agent paying the social insurance and the relevant individual(s)…

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CHINA | Understanding Employee Leave Basics

Besides annual leave and sick leave, there several other types of employee leave provisioned under the Labour Law. For compliance and consistency, we explain the employee leave basics below. Statutory Paid Annual Leave Employees who have worked for one full year or more are entitled to statutory annual leave with pay. The duration of leave…

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CHINA | Hiring Foreigners

Hiring foreigners in China can be daunting and requires careful attention. Additionally, local regulations can override national provisions, so it is important to understand obligations before any hiring is conducted. In the below we take a closer look at the administrative steps to hire foreigners.    Employment License Before foreigners can be hired, employers shall…

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