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Horizons premiata da APAC Insider ‘Best International Corporate Advisory’ e ‘Leading Specialists in Transnational Corporate Transactions’ per il 2020

Horizons assiste le imprese nei loro investimenti all’estero, nel pieno rispetto delle normative locali ed estrema attenzione alle performance globali 20 ottobre 2020 — HORIZONS SHANGHAI CORPORATE ADVISORY, società di consulenza legale, fiscale e strategica con sede a Shanghai, è stata premiata dal centro di business-analysis APAC Insider come Best International Corporate Advisory 2020 e…

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News release: Horizons honoured as APAC Insider ‘Best International Corporate Advisory’ and ‘Leading Specialist in Transnational Corporate Transactions’ for 2020

Acting locally to achieve global results, Horizons is an advisory for today’s global decision-makers 8 October 2020 — Horizons Corporate Advisory, a Shanghai-based legal, tax and business consulting firm, has been named Best International Corporate Advisory 2020 and Leading Specialist in Transnational Corporate Transactions 2020 by APAC Insider. Published monthly, APAC Insider endeavours to bring its…

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Select foreign nationals are green-lighted for fast-track channels to return to China for work purposes: Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans, Germans, French, British, Swiss and Italians are now eligible

More than two months after the 28 March announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the temporary suspension of all foreign nationals entering China, large numbers of foreigners holding work visas have been stuck in limbo waiting to re-enter the country. With the latter situation, there has been great interest in news stories about…

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