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Danny Luk

Senior Equity Partner

Danny Luk is a Senior Equity Partner at HORIZONS CORPORATE ADVISORY HOLDING LTD, overseeing the firm’s activities in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. His longstanding career as Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant allows the advisory to provide exceptional financial services to its clients. 

Danny has more than 25 years’ experience in the public accounting industry in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, specialising in tax planning, investigation, appeals and planning. He expertly serves numerous clients across a broad range of industries, employing an ethically sound and transparent approach towards business that provides complete clarity for every transaction.

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 2F Surson Commercial Building, 140-142 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon), Hong Kong SAR,China.  (852) 91502375

Roberto Gilardino

Managing Partner, APAC

Roberto Gilardino is Regional Partner at Horizons, supervising the advisory’s activities in APAC.

Roberto’s background and skill-set lie in international business and corporate law with a special attention on corporate government, strategy and shareholder protection. He is further highly judicious in proving clients with robust M&A support and negotiation analysis. Having a deep sense of cross-cultural issues in cross-border transactions and corporate matters, Roberto and his team provide clients with unique insights and strategies related to the difficult-to-read, often behind the scenes, nuances in transnational business.

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 603B Lippo Plaza 222 Huaihai Middle Road,Huangpu Central District,200021 Shanghai,China.  (86) 21-5356-3400

Lucia Myriam Netti

Regional Partner, EMEA

Lucia Myriam Netti is the Senior Regional Partner at Horizons, overseeing the advisory’s activities in EMEA regions.

In her faceted role with the advisory, Lucia adeptly serves companies in developing business operations abroad.
With expertise in transnational business negotiation and corporate, international, and industrial law, she manages the EMEA team to formulate robust corporate structures and shareholders’ protection for long-term profitable investments.

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 Via Giolitti 49,10123 Turin, Italy (TO).  (39) 011 19711641