Working hours in China – what you need to know

Employers are normally obliged to utilise the standard working hours, as prescribed by the Labour Law. In cases where the constraints of the work characteristics or production limits the implementation of the standard working hours, the employer may apply the flexible working time or cumulative working time system. Such alternative working hours are subject to…

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Q&A on opposing a trademark registration

In China, companies and individuals may file a trademark opposition to contest a preliminarily approved trademark registration. Once the trademark is preliminarily approved, it will be publicly announced in the trademark gazette. During the preliminary approval period, companies and individuals may file an objection application. If successful, the trademark will not be registered. For companies,…

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Understanding registered capital in China

In China, registered capital refers to the total capital contribution and form to be paid-in by shareholders. Registered capital is publicly disclosed on the company’s business license and related government databases. However, registered capital is not the paid-in capital of a company, it is the capital declared by shareholders in the Articles of Association (‘AoA’)…

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