GLOBAL LAW EXPERT | Lucia Myriam Netti awarded International Corporate Law, Italy

Horizons is honored that Lucia Myriam Netti, Regional Partner EMEA, has been recognised by Global Law Experts for her practice in international corporate law.

Global Law Experts (GLE) is the premier guide to leading attorneys throughout the world. The Square (‘Square’) talks with Lucia Myriam Netti about her international corporate law practice and serving clients in unprecedented times.

Square: You focus transnational business negotiation and corporate, international, and industrial law. Tell us more about your approach and why clients choose Horizons Corporate Advisory (“Horizons”)?

Lucia: At Horizons, we mainly serve global clients either expanding to new jurisdictions or restructuring the existing group. My work primarily involves shaping corporate frameworks that connect national and international compliance obligations – so that the entire corporate group is safeguarded.

To do this, we leverage an international team over 30 countries and regions, and assembly multidisciplinary professionals in the jurisdictions that the transactions touches. Drawing from various legal, tax, and finance expertise, the designated team devise an overarching framework, define steps and roles according to their skill.

By choosing this collaborative approach, we can nimbly drill down risks and formulate responsive corporate solutions. And this is one of the primary reasons why clients choose Horizons.

Equally, it is crucial in my practice to recognise and bridge cultural nuances – especially in international transactions and business negotiations. Cultural and language differences can make or break transnational deals, failure to understand and communicate with international clients can lead to cascading problems. Therefore, we strive to imbue cross-cultural communication and understanding among colleagues.

Square: What has shaped your professional practice, and if there have been any substantial influences?

Lucia: We differentiate our professional practice from competitors by walking alongside clients to formulate transparent and responsive corporate solutions. In unprecedented times, clients require cost-effective and results-driven professional services to serve their compliance needs.

I ensure our EMEA teams do not accumulate unnecessary billable hours or project misleading expectations by conveying information and legal tools with maximum transparency. In this manner, clients can understand their options and consequent results. 

Individually, I consider the evolving shifts in the legal world to influence my own professional practice. Remaining attune to the legislation changes in the EMEA regions and their real-world impacts enables me to anticipate clients’ needs.

Square: As a seasoned Regional Partner, what drives your passion for serving clients?

Lucia: Unprecedented times are pressure points for international businesses, simultaneously, they offer opportunities to build resilience. The intriguing part of my role is enhancing services to better navigate clients during such times.

Currently, we have developed additional solutions, global data governance, and anti-money laundering (or “AML”) compliance. The global data governance offers a robust framework for cross-border data transfers, cyber security, data security, and governance. The AML compliance responds to increased global regulation of white-collar crime.

Square: You were recently awarded Corporate Advisory Expert of the Year, 2022, by Lawyer Monthly – Women in Law Awards, what advice would you give to young women entering the legal profession?

Lucia: I would advise young female legal professionals to find mentors who understands the unique challenges for female lawyers. Whilst women in the legal profession have increased significantly, it is crucial for young women in this field to learn the necessary skills to advance in a male-dominated industry.

Equally, it important to communicate non-work obligations with employers to balance out the workload and minimize work-related burnout.

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