LEADERS IN LAW | Regional Partner Dr Roberto GILARDINO was awarded Investigation Expert of the Year 2021, China

Dr Roberto GILARDINO, Regional Partner Asia and Additional Countries have been recognised by Leaders in Law.

Leaders in Law is a platform connecting legal leaders with prospects. The Leaders in Law Awards commemorates those who have been successful over the past 12 months. The Square (‘Square’) talks with Dr Roberto GILARDINO (“Roberto”) about his practice and serving clients today.

Square: You focus your multidisciplinary practice on international business and corporate law. Tell us more about your approach and why clients choose Horizons Corporate Advisory (”Horizons”)?

Roberto: During my 30 years plus of navigating clients in unfamiliar jurisdictions, two fundamentals have remained in my approach. The first is trust, building trust with clients is the foundation of delivering solutions and results. Without engaging clients and understanding them on a profound level, clients cannot be confident in your services. My approach is to delve deep to uncover the intangibles and listen to the client’s challenges. So that I can formulate solutions that fit into these unprecedented times. The second is teamwork, at Horizons we value the unique strength of collaboration. With professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, their diversity provides broad perspectives.

Clients recognize Horizons’ dedication to building rewarding, long-term relationships that are committed to serving clients diligently and professionally.

Square: With your experience in China, what has shaped your professional practice, and if there have been any substantial influences?

Roberto: In my tenure as a legal professional, I always have questioned how to better my practice. Of course, there are varying answers from varying viewpoints.

However, I firmly believe that my professional practice is shaped by the client. Through remaining close to the client to anticipate their individual needs before an incident occurs.

One significant factor that has influenced my practice is the power of communication. At Horizons, we communicate legal issues in an accessible manner and for the benefit of the client, without any legal jargon. Through this practice, communication is clear and transparent, and most of all, there is a valuable and effective professionalism in delivering services with down-to-earth results. If we do not convey the proper information and tools to the client, the client cannot fully comprehend their choices and the consequent results – and we would be betraying the client’s trust.

Square: As a seasoned Regional Partner, what drives your passion for serving clients?

Roberto: I am fortunate to advise a diverse range of clients and gain a wealth of experience. The intriguing aspect of my job is understanding the unique needs of each client, shaping practical solutions that align with their business objectives under legal certainty. As a result, I remain very proud “to serve”, enjoying the walk, working with active and energetic clients, achieving a team together, and providing valuable services for their investments in China and worldwide.

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