Select foreign nationals are green-lighted for fast-track channels to return to China for work purposes: Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans, Germans, French, British, Swiss and Italians are now eligible

More than two months after the 28 March announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the temporary suspension of all foreign nationals entering China, large numbers of foreigners holding work visas have been stuck in limbo waiting to re-enter the country.

With the latter situation, there has been great interest in news stories about the utilisation of “green fast-track lanes” for top foreign management personnel from specific countries. Now, we’ve seen the emergence of a fast-track re-entry channel for dispatched employees. However, procedures for achieving such fast-tracking often involve stringent, difficult to navigate requirements. At Horizons, we serve business clients in facilitating fast-track channel returns to China for dispatched foreign employees in qualifying categories.

Who’s eligible?

The fast-track return channels for workers are only available to companies registered in either Shanghai Municipality or Jiangsu province. Application for return is made under the name of the employee’s company and is currently only available to personnel who are citizens of the Republic of KoreaJapan, Singapore, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy, although other countries may be given consideration. Currently, only legal representatives, directors, chairmen and general manager level staff are considered for fast-tracking.   

Individuals who qualify for a return are subject to a nucleic acid test, 14-day quarantine with central medical observation at their arrival destination. 

To find out if you or one of your China dispatched employees is eligible for the fast-track return channel, please contact one of our crisis management leads below by calling or emailing them directly. 

APAC Region
Ms LI Hua Jing
Mobile: +86 13166299232

EMEA Region
Ms Lucia NETTI
Landline: +39 011 19711641 Mobile: +39 391 1283498

Mobile: +1 917 945 8511