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Select foreign nationals are green-lighted for fast-track channels to return to China for work purposes: Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans, Germans, French, British, Swiss and Italians are now eligible

More than two months after the 28 March announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the temporary suspension of all foreign nationals entering China, large numbers of foreigners holding work visas have been stuck in limbo waiting to re-enter the country. With the latter situation, there has been great interest in news stories about…

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China business: 5 tips to help your foreign-invested company recover faster from COVID-19

As China moves through its COVID-19 economic recovery phrase, restrictive measures to prevent coronavirus clusters in the workplace are gradually being rescinded. Nonetheless, many companies continue to struggle to get back on their feet. At Horizons, we are successfully helping companies implement corporate solutions based on our four pillars COVID-19 crisis service strategy that helps…

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Don’t let the coronavirus kill your Chinese subsidiary. Horizons can help you act fast to stop the damage done by COVID-19.

“Simply put, failing to take advantage of pro-business policies and measures put forth in the face of COVID-19 will hamper your business to no end, even sending it to its demise. Horizons has the resources, the ‘know-how’ and the finesse to get your business back on track and keep it there." —Danny Luk, Horizons Senior…

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