Here are 4 reasons to launch your business in China in 2020

On 20 May 2020, Horizons, in partnership with Digital Crew, will host a webinar on Launching Your Business in China. The one-hour event will begin at 9am Rome, 3pm Shanghai, 5pm Sydney (+07:00 GMT[DP1] ). Featured will be Horizons regional partner Lucia Netti, who will be sharing her expertise on establishing the right legal framework for businesses to thrive in China today. For complete information about the webinar and registration, please follow this link

Among the topics covered in the webinar will be four key reasons why you should launch your business in China this year. They include:

1. Trademark protection

A major concern for foreign investors entering the China market is trademark protection. Last year, the Trademark Law was revised to provide further protection against trademark squatters. Since China adopts the “first-to-file” principle rather than the first-to-use, Horizons has assisted many clients in the application to invalidate the registration of such false trademarks.

2. Ease of establishing your business

In previous years, establishing a foreign business in China required approval from several governmental authority bodies, not to mention a long processing time. With the implementation of the new Foreign Investment Law (FIL), foreign investment outside of the negative list (prohibited list of industries for foreign investment) may establish a company via an online process and paperless record-filling during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

3. 100% ownership of a foreign entity 

Foreign investors can serve as the sole shareholder or shareholders in their company. In most industries, there are no limitations in the percentage of ownership and do not require a Chinese partner. What’s more, the 2019 Negative List lifted the ownership of certain financial institutions from 51% to 100%. With these changes, China paves the way to a better business environment for foreign investors. 

4. Government incentives 

The Foreign Investment Law authorises and encourages local government to issue pro-business policies to attract and promote foreign investment. In practice, encouraged sectors such as high technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, creative industries, and so forth, may receive government incentives such as subsidies, financial aid and employee services. An optimal business environment such as cluster areas for specific industries are also being developed or currently established, enabling businesses to thrive within a strong ecosystem. 

In addition to this, there will be many China investment insights shared during the webinar. Again, you can register by following this link

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