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China’s Unreliable Entity List: what is the impact for foreign entities in China

On 19 September 2020, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Provisions on the Unreliable Entity List (the “Provisions”). The Provisions establish a legal framework that provide initial procedures for the designation of non-Chinese enterprises, other organizations, or individuals of a foreign country (“foreign entity”) that act contrary to China’s interests.  Purpose of the Provisions  While…

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China foreign investment trends for 2020 and beyond: a look at the updated negative list and encouraged catalogue

Amidst worldwide economic uncertainty and complex international relations, investors are trying to navigate toward opportunities that position them to succeed. Many of those opportunities can be found in China. At Horizons, we’re confident of China’s economic stability, growth and effort to move past the negative effects of COVID-19. In the latest World Bank Asia Pacific…

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China business: 5 tips to help your foreign-invested company recover faster from COVID-19

As China moves through its COVID-19 economic recovery phrase, restrictive measures to prevent coronavirus clusters in the workplace are gradually being rescinded. Nonetheless, many companies continue to struggle to get back on their feet. At Horizons, we are successfully helping companies implement corporate solutions based on our four pillars COVID-19 crisis service strategy that helps…

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