Horizons Corporate Advisory to launch China Collaborative Group designed for Belt and Road Initiative

Four-city Winning Ways for Investment CCG seminar set to share ‘real-world’ insights on China inbound and outbound cross-border investment .

Horizons Corporate Advisory gears up for the China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with the introduction of its China Collaborative Group (CCG). Working closely with a network of international partners Horizons Corporate Advisory is fostering a wave of multidisciplinary legal and tax advisement emanating from its CCG team of advisors. CCG is comprised of corporate law specialist from more than 15 countries, representing Asia Pacific, Africa, South America, Europe and the USA. CCG, under the management of Horizons, offers a professional service advisory platform providing legal and tax advice with the mission of assisting Chinese business executives in achieving market advancement under the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as other global economic trade platforms.

The CCG Corporate Solution

BRI presents vast globalisation opportunities for the Chinese entrepreneur to engage with and thrive in what’s to be the world’s largest collaboration. Savvy investors seeking to achieve profitable business partnerships while mitigating risk will need to be prepared to respond nimbly in resolving multifaceted corporate issues of a local, regional and global nature if they are to truly achieve success under BRI. The CCG platform is the solution for meeting these challenges. It is designed to provide cohesive strategic solutions that facilitate cross-border business at a pace required for today’s global economy. Horizons CCG advisors offer both regional expertise that comes with cross-cultural understanding and multilateral knowledge in creating solutions that maximise value for business and investments.

CCG as progressive outgrowth of Horizons’ one team, one focal point, one purpose approach to serving China

Horizons had been serving cross-border investment for more than 30 years. The CCG model is an outgrowth of the firm’s global-minded approach. As China’s CCG representative, Horizons Corporate Advisory in Shanghai plays a key role in the CCG model. The firm operates at the bridging component of CCG, matching global-minded and qualified Chinese investors, both big and small, matching them with the appropriate cross-border legal, tax and labour advisors from within CCG’s team of corporate lawyers and investment professionals. What’s perhaps the most key component for driving CCG’s success is the ability for Chinese clients to take advantage of a global business gateway that allows them to enjoy the comfort and confidence speaking their own language with an expert who fully understands their culture and business objectives.

CCG seminar roadshow: Winning Ways for Investment

Horizons will host a multi-city roadshow seminar programme in Shanghai (4 December), Shenzhen (5 December), Chengdu (6 December) and Beijing (8 December) to introduce the China Collaborative Group to prospective enterprises and entrepreneurs from around the country. Among the invitation-only attendees will be CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other management level persons; Boards of Directors; and reputable high net worth individuals.

“This is a private, very closed-door event exclusively reserved for VIP investment decision makers,” says Roberto Gilardino, Horizons regional partner for North Asia. “It will not be open to consultants from legal, tax or other advisory firms.”

The Winning Ways for Investment seminar promises to be a highly enlightening event for those who seek to gain informed knowledge and a solution-driven understanding of cross-border investment and insights for global success. Some of the topics covered during the four-hour seminar include legal, cultural and foreign social issues in investment; how to merge differing cultures; and a broad range of ‘real world’ best practice for cross-border investment.

CCG commitment to business excellence and winning ways

Horizons endeavours to act as a strong leader in fostering an in-depth understanding of the Belt and Road policy. The firm intends to do so by extending knowledge and insights related to best practices in business leadership and excellence as it serves cross-border cooperation. The Winning Ways for Investment seminar aims to reflect CCG’s synergy of law and business. CCG serves to apply the law using a business foundation for the creation of winning partnerships. In this transnational service approach, CCG fosters business excellence throughout the whole of the cross-border business partnership and brings a ‘winning ways’ advantage to all shareholders and stakeholders.

For more information contact roadshow@horizons-advisory.com. You can view a downloadable version of the Winning Ways for Investment brochure here.