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CHINA | Reducing Legal Risks in Technology Transfers

Cross-border technology transfers can be challenging to navigate in China. As China categorizes technology transfers into three groups (prohibited, restricted, and free), the transfer can be subject to certain limitations or requirements. For foreign companies transferring technology in or out of China, it is crucial to understand obligations and reduce legal risks.   In China,…

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CHINA | Getting Prepared for the first Personal Information Protection Law

Big data analytics for many companies is crucial to identify personal consumption characteristics and increase sales. However, many consumers may oppose such practice since companies can mishandle personal information.   Personal Information Protection Law The Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic ("PIPL") takes effect from 1 November 2021 and is the first law to…

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CHINA | When Shareholders are Held Personally Liable

The corporate veil or the corporate personality is a legal term refers to the separation of the corporate entity from the shareholder in a litigation. When shareholders' liabilities in China become personal. In such case, the court usually renders the shareholder personally liable for the debts, negligence, or mismanagement of the business, and personal assets…

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