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MEXICO | Electronic Signatures – What You Need to Know

Overview Increasingly in the business world, electronic signatures ('e-signatures') are ulitised to save time and shipping costs. For many companies, legal documents can be executed entirely online without having to meet in-person. Equally, technological advances have enabled securer tools to protect private and legal documents online. In Mexico, e-signatures are increasing used in online transactions…

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Why global anti-money laundering management is imperative

Horizons named as ‘Best Cross-Border Corporate Finance Advisors’ by Wealth & Finance, Ethical Finance Awards. Accelerated digitalization has simultaneously benefited economies and triggered criminal behavior. In finance, the anonymity of finance technology is increasing criminal activities such as money laundry and terrorist financing. Hence, jurisdictions around the globe are stepping up efforts to regulate finance-related…

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The Belt and Road Initiative moves into Latin America with China-LAC Santiago Declaration

During the first quarter of 2018, China announced the introduction its Belt and Road initiative in Latin America. This announcement serves to deepen economic and financial cooperation between China and countries where the United States has traditionally had a heavy influence. The declaration, known as the Santiago Declaration, calls for bolstering trade and taking action…

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