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Filling for cross-border bankruptcy in mainland China (‘China’) or Hong Kong Special Administration Region (‘HKSAR’)?

A new framework between China and HKSAR courts establishes mutual recognition of and assistance in cross-border corporate bankruptcy proceedings   On 14th May 2021, the Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong and the Vice-President of the Supreme People's Court (“SPC”) of China signed a record meeting on the mutual recognition of and assistance to bankruptcy…

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Protecting your labour contract during cross-border disputes between the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Disputes in labour matters involving cross-border elements can add an extra layer of complexity to your business. Specifically, court judgements awarded in one place but requested to be enforced in another place often require re-litigation in the court of the requested place. Customarily, the length of time and costs involved in pursuing multiple litigations could…

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China business: cross-border withholding tax 101 — ‘My company in England provides services to a China-based company. Why is 10% deducted from the service fee?’

Today’s globalised economy enables companies to provide services across the world. Cross-border business to business (B2B) often takes place via email or other digital communications, such as Skype, WeChat or other messaging and talk platforms. What's more, monetary transactions are equally carried out primarily using online banking. All in all, B2B moves fast in the…

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