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China business: Shanghai issues one-off subsidies for COVID-19 control and prevention enterprises and enterprises severely affected by the epidemic

On 20 March, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau of Shanghai Municipality issued a subsidy to support epidemic prevention and control enterprises who resumed work during the Chinese Spring Festival and those enterprises within industries severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Epidemic prevention and control enterprises During the Chinese Spring…

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Your Chinese visa during the coronavirus epidemic (UPDATED 12 Mar): further measures to fast-track and streamline visas and residence permits; foreign nationals eligible for automatic two-month extension; how to renew Shanghai work and residence permits

Further measures put in place to fast-track and streamline visas and residence permits Recently, China’s National Immigration Administration announced Ten Measures to Assist the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Serve the Economy and People’s Livelihood (“Measures”). Primarily, the Measures serve to fast-track and streamline visa and residence permits to ensure exit and entry channels support…

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