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Collecting Personal Information in China – what you should know

In the era of Big Data and the Internet of Everything (IoE), users are increasingly attentive to how their personal information is handled. Confidential personal information such as mobile numbers and personal ID are increasingly requested to activate numerous daily life functions, for instance, SMS authentication code for website or app registration or login. Additionally,…

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Using and disclosing personal information in China – do’s and don’ts

Unlawful usage and disclosure of personal information in China can result in administrative penalties and serious cases can result in criminal offenses. The Personal Information Protection Law (‘PIPL’), the Personal Information Security Specification (‘Specification’), and the Guide to Security Protection of Personal Information Online (‘Guide’) adopted on 1 November 2021, 6 March 2020, and April…

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What you need know about E-CNY – the first digital currency in China

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is an electronic form of currency and developed by the government to supplement traditional fiat money such as backnotes and coins. With the accelerating digital economy around the world, digital currency allows government and financial institutions to continue the transition to digital infrastructure and increase access to financial services. Namely…

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