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Antitrust and Competition Law: Germany and Austria draft guidelines on the amended Competition Law

In the current evolving world, the transaction value of a merger or acquisition is no longer limited to the turnover value of the target company. Instead, as seen in Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for 19 billion USD, high transactional value does not always correlate with turnover, instead, it can relate to a strong market and…

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Guidelines for China outbound investment

In recent years, China outbound investments have grown rapidly. Encouraged by the Belt and Road Initiative launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013, Chinese enterprises have sought overseas investment and cooperation to facilitate the growth of Belt and Road. As a result, the investment of relevant products, technologies and services assisted the transformation of the…

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The China Belt and Road Initiative: a Horizons Corporate Advisory primer

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is designed to improve the infrastructure of land and maritime routes in Eurasia in order to drive trade and capital flows between east and west. The Initiative will connect China and more than 65 other countries along land and sea routes from Malaysia to Eastern Europe. Investment of more than…

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