Tag: Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China

What China employers should know about salary obligations during the coronavirus crisis

The outbreak of the coronavirus in China has resulted in a number of national and local government measures to tackle the virus and address its related effects on society, including the normal operation of businesses.  For domestic enterprises, salary payment mandates for employees who are affected by such prevention and control measures are established in…

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China business: Labour 101 — get it right from the beginning or risk big headaches

Employing, managing and developing employees successfully is crucial to the long-term health and success of a company. Foreign companies operating in China often struggle to successfully maintain good employees and terminate difficult ones due to a lack of cultural understanding and knowledge related to relevant laws, rules and regulations. In this article, we outline the…

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Employment contracts in China: Be sure to get it right and not run afoul of authorities

Understanding and implementing written employment contracts are essential to business operations. Equally, a well-written employment contract helps companies avoid labour disputes or prolonged disputes. It’s been our experience at Horizons, that, contrary to popular belief, Labour Law and Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China establishes strict provisions for employment contracts. Employers in…

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