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Necessaria una sede in Russia per lavorare su RuNet

Un mercato immenso, tutto virtuale, ma assai remunerativo. Sono 500 mila i visitatori che in Russia si affacciano sui siti internet e sulle pagine social in lingua russa delle società commerciali estere operanti su RuNet, l’internet russo. Si tratta di una cifra record, che dà fiato a imponenti transazioni on line. Tra gli operatori si…

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China corporate insights: further decreases in value-added tax set to benefit businesses

In the annual Work Report delivered at the Two Sessions (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and National People’s Congress), Premier Li Keqiang announced further cuts to value-added tax rates. From 1 April 2019, the following rates shall be effective: Sector Previous rate New rate Manufacturing sector 16% 13% Construction and transport (including passenger transport services)…

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China corporate insights: understanding the basics of the registered capital registration system

Registered capital refers to the capital to be paid by the shareholders or promoters of a company. The minimum amount of registered capital mandated to be registered was eliminated in 2014, except where required by law, rules and regulations. The Circular of the State Council on Issuing the Reform Proposals for the Registered Capital Registration…

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