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CHINA | Risk Managing Export Tax Rebates

For exporters, export tax rebates such indirect taxes paid during the production and distribution process can be refunded. Specifically, exporters are eligible for rebates on value-added tax (‘VAT’) and consumption tax (‘CT’) incurred during the production process.  Often export rebate policies are adjusted according to the current economic circumstances to support and promote exports. For…

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TAX NEWS: China streamlines tax declaration forms for indirect taxes from 1 August 2021

On 13 July 2021, the State Taxation Bureau issued the Notice on the Consolidation of the Declaration Forms for Value-added Tax, Consumption tax, Urban Construction, and Maintenance Tax and Educational Surcharges (“Notice No. 20”) effective from 1 August 2021. The consolidation of the declaration forms falls in the wider reforms to streamline tax collection and…

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China business (UPDATED 24 Feb): to combat the coronavirus and head off economic insecurities, government takes action by implementing supportive financial and tax measures for businesses

Horizons will continue to update important business news and information related to the coronavirus epidemic. 5 Months Reduction on Employee Medical Insurance Premium The China Ministry of Finance, National Medical Insurance Bureau and Tax Bureau jointly announced the Guiding Opinions on the Periodic Reduction of Basic Employee Medical Insurance Premium (“Guiding Opinions”) measure on 21 February 2020.…

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