Horizons signs Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang International Investment Service Center to assist Chinese outbound investments

On 28 January 202, Horizons Corporate Advisory and Zhejiang International Investment Service Center (“ZIIS”) signed a Cooperation Agreement to assist Zhejiang province-based Chinese corporations in outbound investment.

ZIIS is a foreign-related service institution authorised by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province to provide services to foreign investors and Chinese corporations. The organisation is a council member of the China Association of Foreign Service Trades and currently operates in the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province. ZIIS is primarily specialised in offering domestic and foreign enterprises with one-stop service professional project solutions, including investment consultation, strategic planning and operational planning, as well as a number of agent services.

The partnership with ZIIS position Horizons as a bridge-building agent for Chinese corporations in Zhejiang seeking to engage in global business worldwide. As Chinese outbound investment has matured in recent years, coupled with revised outbound investment regulations in 2017, enterprises are increasingly seeking professional corporate advice for safeguarding their investments abroad while remaining in compliance with both Chinese outbound regulations and those of the countries they invest in.

Zhejiang is one of the richest and most developed provinces in China, whose robust sectors include automotive, textiles, chemical industries, food and construction. It is also home to many Chinese corporations seeking to expand operations abroad or acquire new technology and companies to develop.

Roberto Gilardino, Horizons Regional Partner, Asia and Additional Countries

“At Horizons, we have an international, multi-disciplinary network of advisors at who allow us to assist Chinese clients in over 20 jurisdictions,” says Roberto Gilardino, Horizons regional partner for Asia and additional countries. “Through our experience advising successful Chinese outbound investments in overseas jurisdictions, we were fortunate to be introduced to ZIIS, foster a collaboration wherein we have joined forces to serve Zhejiang-based Chinese corporations. With Zhejiang province in close proximity to Horizons’ Shanghai office, Chinese corporations there can speak directly to our Shanghai team and address their overseas counterparts free of the cultural and language barriers that commonly hinder cross-border deals.”

Michael Xie Feng, Senior Manager, ZIIS

“Chinese investors do not lack the capital to invest abroad,” says Michael Xie Feng, Senior Manager of ZIIS. “Rather, the biggest obstacle is foreign direct investment regulations from abroad – not the regulations per se, but understanding and navigating the complexity of regulations. Horizons has a strong reputation in mitigating risk and instability in outbound investment for both its Chinese clients and those from a wide range of countries. Our cooperation with Horizons will enable Chinese corporations to access local expertise with broad knowledge of international law, providing them with comprehensive solutions to fully realise and safeguard Chinese investments aboard.”

Since the revised Chinese outbound investment regulations, there has been encouragement for Chinese entities investing abroad in a responsible manner that is both sustainable and in line with the principles set out in the New Era Belt and Road initiated by President Xi Jinping. Horizons’ partnership with ZIIS serves to strengthen corporate advisory services for Chinese corporations going abroad.


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