CORPORATE LIVEWIRE | Horizons awarded Corporate Advisory of the Year 2020

3 December 2020 – Horizons is extremely honoured to be awarded Corporate Advisory Firm of the Year, 2020 by Corporate Livewire.

The recognition is Horizons’ third award in 2020 and reflects the firm’s achievement amidst a volatile year. With almost 40-year experience in serving clients to establish successful frameworks in corporate structures, merger and acquisitions, legal, global taxation, as well daily corporate life-cycle, Horizons have accumulated resources, know-how and finesse to help businesses worldwide. In the ongoing pandemic, Horizons have worked closely with clients to navigate through the economic impacts and recover profitably.

Corporate Livewire, Jake Powers, Editor in Chief

“During 2020, our research team followed the progress of several corporate advisory firms. Horizons Corporate Advisory was nominated based on the firm’s innovation and Avant-garde approach in advising clients. In a highly competitive industry, Corporate Livewire recognises Horizons as a local gateway to global markets. With an emphasis on culture and language to build rapport and relationships with clients, Horizons ensure the correct legal, tax, and accountancy foundations are established for businesses.”

Dr Danny Luk, Horizons Corporate Advisory Senior Equity Partner 

“Thank you, Corporate Livewire, for awarding Horizons with Corporate Advisory Firm of the Year, 2020. At Horizons, we focus on providing practical solutions for global corporations. Today’s globalised world propels professionals to work nimbly and anticipate clients’ needs. This year was a difficult year for many corporations; we have built closer relationships with clients to ensure sustained recovery for the coming year.”  

Dr Roberto Gilardino, Horizons Corporate Advisory Regional Partner for Asia and Additional Countries

“We thank the team at Corporate Livewire for recognising Horizons’ expertise as a Corporate Advisory Firm. Horizons focuses on leveraging a global team of experts to assist corporations in navigating local, national, and international regulations. We are strongly committed in ‘one team, one focal point, one purpose approach’ to assist clients comprehensively. Through this collaborative manner, we can safeguard the investment for today and tomorrow.”

Dr. Lucia Myriam Netti, Horizons Corporate Advisory Regional Partner for EMEA, Russia and Belarus

“We appreciate the Corporate Livewire team for their hard work in determining the winners. Horizons has made a concerted effort to strengthen our professional expertise this year. Amidst the pandemic and the economic impacts, we have worked with our global network including the China Collaborative Group, to supporting corporations in the resumption of work by utilising COVID-19 government support and implementing the correct health and safety procedures.”

Corporate Livewire is a publisher that focuses on the corporate finance sector. The publisher provides business professionals with the latest global news and developments. As an invaluable resource for many leaders and decision-makers, the publication covers all sectors of the legal and financial advisories area. With a team of global journalists, Corporate Livewire is a leading resource for news and developments across the corporate and business community.

Corporate Livewire invited businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors, and subscribers to nominate companies during the selection process. Companies were nominated based on factors including service, innovation, experience, and sustainability. Equally, the Corporate Livewire research selected firms who deserved recognition for excellence and specialism.

Horizons is pleased to receive our third award this year. Despite the impacts of the pandemic, Horizons has retained a strong performance by robust teamwork and initiating cross-industry partnerships to establish the blueprint for the year ahead.

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