Horizons announces partnership promotions as part of the advisory’s ongoing growth moves

Horizons Corporate Advisory is proud to announce that two lawyers and a tax expert have been promoted to its partnership at the firm’s China office in Shanghai. Angela Su has moved up from salary partner to partner, while Maggie Yu and Alex Ying have been named salary partners.

Angela Su (Su Qi 苏琪)

Angela Su is in her twelfth year with Horizons, having joined the firm in 2006. She is an IP lawyer with a wealth of experience who has headed up the firm’s IPRs division for the past six years. The move to partner positions Ms. Su to play an enhanced role in the advisory’s overall operations, including client relationships and business strategy, while still keeping close watch overs Horizons IPRs-related services.

Angela Su

“The Chinese legal services industry has become increasingly accurate and customized during the last decade,” comments Ms. Su, relating to her industry experience. “And naturally, China IP related issues are always a hot topic. The Chinese government and the latest Trademark Law and Regulations have served to enhance enforcement from both an administrative and legal perspective, working to safeguard the legitimate IP rights of IP owners.

“Horizons, being an international firm involved in cross-border transactions, strives to ensure that our clients’ IP rights are being protected in a proper way from the very beginning of their investment. Here, quality matters, as we don’t consider ourselves merely a legal service provider, but advisors who foresee our clients’ challenges and construct deep-rooted solutions.

“Being a full partner in an advisory firm allows me to take on more responsibility for ensuring our clients are served in the utmost professional way; I also see my role as one where I’m called upon to foster improvement of the legal service sector.”

Maggie Yu (Yu Yilu于怡璐)

Maggie Yu is in her third year with Horizons, having joined the firm in 2015. She moves from senior consultant to salary partner in Horizons legal business unit.

Maggie Yu

“As a young lawyer, one needs to learn how to combine what’s learned in law school with real case experience,” comments Ms. Yu on her experience as a lawyer operating in corporate law. “There is a big gap in between the two, and it takes a long time to learn the rules in practices. Early on it’s important to learn to accept defeat and failure with dignity while taking responsibility for one’s mistakes, and never make the same mistake again.

“In Horizons legal business unit, we provide legal advice to businesses at every stage of the corporate lifecycle. In this, we have to be exceedingly detailed in each proceeding, especially when we ‘translate’ and structure complicated PRC regulations for our inbound clients who often come from very different legal systems.

“While an advisor is called upon to be exacting, we also must be open-minded to when it comes to client meetings, negotiations and day to day contact addressing corporate issues with people from different parts of the world. Horizons affords its professional staff the opportunity to participate in seminars attended by lawyers from around the world to focus on cross-border activities. It really opens the door to cross-cultural understanding.

“As a salary partner, I’ll be called on to take more initiative on projects and lead in fostering client relationships. It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.”

Alex Ying (Ying Liangming 应良明)

Alex Ying is a very recent addition to the Horizons team, having joined the firm during the past year as a senior consultant. Alex moves from senior consultant to salary partner in the advisory’s tax and accountancy business unit.

Alex Ying

“Being new to the firm and stepping into a salary partner role in a relatively short time naturally comes with some challenge,” comments Mr. Ying. “Both for me personally, and the tax and accountancy business unit as an important part of the firm. However, where there are challenges there are opportunities, and I appreciate Horizons’ trust in putting me in a position with the team to improve our services.

“To start, my unit’s focus is on the financial area, assisting our clients in growing and maintaining their business base, which has to be supported by strong financial management and effective communications with relative governmental authorities in China, so as to avoid any unnecessary risk.

“For nearly all our clients, the difference in accounting principles, tax declaration and foreign exchange control between China and their country of origin is the most common issue investors face. Therefore, it’s highly important that we maintain regular contact with clients, continually working to understand what their real needs and concerns are while being both aware and sensitive to cross-cultural communication.

“The key to our success is to not only tell clients what they need to do, but also make clear what is going on, which rules and regulations are at play and why this or that decision or action should take place.”

Ready to meet new challenges

With the creation of the China Collaborative Group (CCG) — a cross-border legal services collective formed as a Swiss Verein and lead by Horizons — ramping up the advisory’s corporate professional team to meet the needs of China inbound and outbound investment is more important than ever.

Roberto Gilardino

“We are extremely pleased by the promotion of these talented advisors,” says Roberto Gilardino, Horizons regional partner for North Asia and additional countries, who also serves as president of CCG. “Their client work and overall contribution to the advisory are an important part of our ongoing success, and crucial to Horizons’ ability to evolve and meet the challenges of the legal services market and its increasingly global mission. Angela, Maggie and Alex will play a key role in the delivery of top-notch legal services to our clients both in China and around the world.”

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