Horizons joins international network of legal professionals

Recently Horizons was officially accepted into CONSULEGIS, an international network of independent law firms, in-house lawyers and related professional advisors. CONSULEGIS includes members in more than 45 countries and 150 cities worldwide. The group’s mission is to provide its members with legal resources — local and cross-border — for their clients around the world, with an emphasis on professionalism, mutual trust and reliability.

Among CONSULEGIS key activities is serving firms whose clients have commercial and litigation requirements extending beyond their own borders, bridging them with trusted colleagues in all corners of the commercial world.

We’ve been operating for more than 25 years now. When we welcome a new firm, it provides a shot of fresh energy and perspectives to the group. I know Horizons is a very forward-looking advisory endeavouring to be highly responsive to the rapid, continual changes in the corporate landscape. — Anke Brauns, CONSULEGIS managing director

“We’re excited to be accepted for membership in CONSULEGIS,” says Roberto Gilardino, Horizons’ regional partner for North Asia and other countries. “Building strong cross-border relationships is at the heart of our what we do at Horizons.”

Our regional partner Lucia Myriam Netti put it best in her speech introducing Horizons to CONSULEGIS during its autumn conference in Cape Town last October.

“Today’s world is one of unpredictable change and geopolitical volatility that requires businesses and their representatives to nimbly respond to local, regional and global challenges affecting stakeholders. As a member of CONSULEGIS, Horizons will be better equipped to meet those challenges.”

We’d like to thank Ms. Braun and all the good people who make up CONSULEGIS, including its board of directors, for welcoming us into the group. Horizons looks forward being an energetic member who makes positive contributions that benefit all our CONSULEGIS colleagues.

Post by David Pandt, Horizons China communications manager and editor of The Square. You can learn more about CONSULEGIS at consulegis.com. If you would like to talk with a specialist about cross-border relations or other corporate challenges, email us and we’ll have a Horizons professional contact you.

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