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Schengen Area visa changes go into effect: frequent travellers can receive long term Schengen visa for up to 5 years

Effective from 2 February, Schengen Area (also called Schengen zone) visa applicants making an application are subject to the Schengen Visa Code amendments adopted by the Council of the European Union in June 2019. The amendments establish clearer provisions for multiple entry travellers and support up to five years of validity dependent on an applicant’s…

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Carrying more than HK$120,000 (currency or CNBIs) in or out of Hong Kong must now be declared to customs

From 16 July 2018, travellers to and from Hong Kong are now required to declare cash sums larger than HK$120,000. The Hong Kong Security Bureau announced the Cross-boundary Movement of Physical Currency and Bear Negotiable Instruments Ordinance in 2017 to tackle funds arriving in Hong Kong from illegal sources such as money laundering and terrorist…

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