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Corporate governance in China: A review of meetings and resolutions of the Limited Liability Company

Shareholders’ meeting Company Law of the People's Republic of China establishes the shareholders' meeting of a limited liability company to be comprised of its shareholders and is the highest authority in the company. The Shareholders’ meeting is an indispensable component in which members exercise their investor’s right to collectively govern the company, in accordance with…

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Horizons unveils its China Collaborative Group—a legal services advisory designed for the Belt & Road era

In December Horizons Corporate Advisory unveiled the firm’s China Collaborative Group (CCG) as part of a four-city knowledge seminar promoting Winning Ways for Investment. CCG is a unique professional services advisory comprised of business and legal experts from China and abroad. Its mission is to assist Chinese business executives and decision-makers in achieving market advancement…

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Guidelines for China outbound investment

In recent years, China outbound investments have grown rapidly. Encouraged by the Belt and Road Initiative launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013, Chinese enterprises have sought overseas investment and cooperation to facilitate the growth of Belt and Road. As a result, the investment of relevant products, technologies and services assisted the transformation of the…

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