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CHINA | Standard or Alternative Working Hours

In China, employers can either set standard or alternative working hours. Standard working hours are normally utilised. In cases where the constraints of the work characteristics or production limits the implementation of the standard working hours, the employer may apply the flexible working time or cumulative working time system. Such alternative working hours are subject…

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China business: Labour 101 — get it right from the beginning or risk big headaches

Employing, managing and developing employees successfully is crucial to the long-term health and success of a company. Foreign companies operating in China often struggle to successfully maintain good employees and terminate difficult ones due to a lack of cultural understanding and knowledge related to relevant laws, rules and regulations. In this article, we outline the…

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China workplace: the importance of your employee handbook

Clear, legitimate and consistent internal company policies are an essential aspect of employee management tools in China. Whilst the labour contract governs the labour relationship between the employee and employer, the internal company policy establishes fundamental provisions to manage the daily routine, responsibilities and obligations of the employees. In practise, the internal company policies are…

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