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Filling for cross-border bankruptcy in mainland China (‘China’) or Hong Kong Special Administration Region (‘HKSAR’)?

A new framework between China and HKSAR courts establishes mutual recognition of and assistance in cross-border corporate bankruptcy proceedings   On 14th May 2021, the Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong and the Vice-President of the Supreme People's Court (“SPC”) of China signed a record meeting on the mutual recognition of and assistance to bankruptcy…

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Are you an employer in Hong Kong? Apply for the ESS wage subsidy before the 14 June deadline

On 8 April the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government announced the Employment Support Scheme ("ESS") to help employers retain employees and avoid redundancies. ESS is a time-limited governmental wage subsidy qualifying companies in Hong Kong with a monthly cap of 9,000 HKD per employee. ESS payment is made in two tranches, the first…

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