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HONG KONG SAR | Non-compete Contracts

Enforcing Post-termination Restrictions in Employment Contracts Employers may consider utilising post-termination restrictions (‘PTR’) in employment contracts to safeguard their business. Specifically, PTR is a common legal tool to prevent senior employees from damaging the interests of the company, actions include working for competitors, soliciting clients or suppliers, and poaching employees after departing the company. Employees…

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Are you an employer in Hong Kong? Apply for the ESS wage subsidy before the 14 June deadline

On 8 April the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government announced the Employment Support Scheme ("ESS") to help employers retain employees and avoid redundancies. ESS is a time-limited governmental wage subsidy qualifying companies in Hong Kong with a monthly cap of 9,000 HKD per employee. ESS payment is made in two tranches, the first…

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