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2020 Year in Review

The last 12 months have seen an unprecedented number of events around the world. Primary, the ongoing pandemic disrupted contemporary life and caused major economic consequences for businesses across the globe. With governments around the world, implementing measures to stabilise the economy and minimise redundancy, Horizons leveraged a global network of experts to assist clients.…

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The new era of foreign investment in China: insights on FIL reforms and other business trends

In 1978, China opened the door to foreign investment through the Reform and Opening Up policy initiated by Deng Xiaoping. Since then, during the last 40 years of robust economic growth in China, foreign investment policies attaching foreign capital has played an essential and unique role in the modernisation and advancement of China. Currently, we…

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China Foreign Investment Law: important changes to take effect in January

From the 1 January 2020, Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic of China (“FIL”) becomes effective. The FIL adopted at the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress marks a significant era for foreign investment in China and many foreign entities will be affected by the FIL. In this two-part series, we analysis…

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