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CHINA | When Shareholders are Held Personally Liable

The corporate veil or the corporate personality is a legal term refers to the separation of the corporate entity from the shareholder in a litigation. When shareholders' liabilities in China become personal. In such case, the court usually renders the shareholder personally liable for the debts, negligence, or mismanagement of the business, and personal assets…

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Investing in China: the basics of setting up your business and getting it right

Today, China’s increasingly open economic system, combined with an ever-growing middle-class, has paved the road to vast opportunities for foreign investors. Against the backdrop of a reform and economic transformation turned into a sustainable and innovative driven model, China inbound investment has entered a new era. Specifically, in China’s 13th 5-year plan the drive towards…

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Piercing the ‘Corporate Veil’ — Russia

In its Spring newsletter, CONSULEGIS International Litigation & Arbitration Specialist Group presented an abbreviated overview of 23 jurisdictions’ legal views on the topic of when courts may disregard a corporate entity to make owners of the entity personally liable for the debts of the entity—what is commonly thought of as “piercing the corporate veil”.  Among the contributors…

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