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Corporate governance in China – what you should know

A major challenge for foreign investors is maintaining proper governance of their Chinese limited liability company and generating a profitable business. Whilst there are significant improvements in the business environment, including regulatory reforms to streamline administrative procedures, investors, especially those residing abroad, face challenges in establishing the proper corporate governance and ensuring the Chinese subsidiary…

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Share transfer in China – what you need to know

Shareholders may wish to amend the share structure of their subsidiary in China for several reasons. Specifically, the existing share proportion between shareholders can be amended or ownership of shares can be transferred to an existing shareholder or third party (non-shareholder). In China, any changes to the share structure shall be filed at the Administration…

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Horizons Q & A: individual income tax (IIT) for foreign employees in China

It’s important for both China-based employers and foreign employees working in China to be familiar with income tax and compliance requirements pertaining to China’s Individual Income Tax (IIT) Law. Let's jump in and answer some basic questions in three parts. Part I - Individual income tax of foreign employees Q: What is the Individual Income…

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