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Horizons unveils its China Collaborative Group—a legal services advisory designed for the Belt & Road era

In December Horizons Corporate Advisory unveiled the firm’s China Collaborative Group (CCG) as part of a four-city knowledge seminar promoting Winning Ways for Investment. CCG is a unique professional services advisory comprised of business and legal experts from China and abroad. Its mission is to assist Chinese business executives and decision-makers in achieving market advancement…

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A refresher on the Chinese fapiao 发票 (receipt, invoice) — what you need to know

With important policy implementations recently being made by China’s State Administration of Taxation regarding China VAT general invoices, we felt it would be appropriate to offer a Chinese fapio (发票) refresher post — or more accurately, provide a few links to posts explaining the fapio system. The Chinese fapio is a legal receipt that serves as proof…

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Money: on debt enforcement proceedings in Russia — the Federal Bailiffs Service Федеральная служба судебных приставов, ФССП

In the Russia, whether you’re a debtor or collector, it’s important to be familiar with the court involved collection process, no matter which side of the scenario you fall on. Russian citizens and foreign nationals alike who are identified as debtor’s in default or creditors seeking recompense by the courts may find their situation under…

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