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Cybersecurity, data protection and enhanced cross-border cooperation: CONSULEGIS Spring Conference 2017 wrap-up

Recently, a group of Horizons professionals represented the firm at the CONSULEGIS Spring Conference held in Amsterdam 11-14 May. CONSULEGIS is an international network of independent law firms, in-house lawyers and related professional advisors founded in 1990. The group includes members from 45 countries and 150 cities worldwide. Among several hot-topic issues addressed at the…

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Cybersecurity Law of China goes into effect 1 June

The Cybersecurity Law of China goes into effect 1 June 2017. With the date fast approaching, many companies are unclear about the specific terms of the law. The law, promulgated on 7 November 2016 by the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC), increases the national government’s jurisdiction over the business of cybersecurity. Its…

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