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CCG launches website — Horizons moves forward with Belt and Road related activities

We're proud to announce that the China Collaborative Group (CCG) has launched its website (www.theccgway.com). CCG is a multicountry association of business, legal and tax advisors of which Horizons is a founding member. The team of advisors — spanning 17 countries and special administrative regions — serves to provide cross-border solutions that help businesses thrive…

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China business: Labour 101 — get it right from the beginning or risk big headaches

Employing, managing and developing employees successfully is crucial to the long-term health and success of a company. Foreign companies operating in China often struggle to successfully maintain good employees and terminate difficult ones due to a lack of cultural understanding and knowledge related to relevant laws, rules and regulations. In this article, we outline the…

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China corporate insights: further decreases in value-added tax set to benefit businesses

In the annual Work Report delivered at the Two Sessions (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and National People’s Congress), Premier Li Keqiang announced further cuts to value-added tax rates. From 1 April 2019, the following rates shall be effective: Sector Previous rate New rate Manufacturing sector 16% 13% Construction and transport (including passenger transport services)…

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