Month: January 2019

China business: new version of business license goes into to effect, improved format includes QR code

On 24 December 2018, the China State Administration for Market Regulation issued the Notice of Activation of the New Business License Version, Business and Industry Enterprise [2018] No. 253 (Notice 253). From 1 March 2019, entities approved by the registration authority for business registration, business amendments or reissue of a business license shall be issued…

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China business: understanding trademarks in China — be proactive and avoid common pitfalls in IP protection

Protecting trademarks is a crucial first step for any foreign company looking to do business in China. Often, foreign companies fail to protect their trademarks holding to the misconception that there’s a lack of intellectual property enforcement in China. However, the People’s Republic of China has been a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization…

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China tax alert: China Individual Income Tax reform — highlights from the ‘Implementation Regulation’

The revised Individual Income Tax (IIT) promulgated on 31 August 2018 and fully effective from 1 January marks significant changes to the individual taxation in China. Primarily, the changes relieve certain tax burdens for low and middle income-earners. In previous tax articles, we have highlighted a number of key takeaways related to IIT. For foreigners…

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