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Q&A with Dr Roberto Gilardino on the Revised Measures for Cybersecurity Reviews in China

The Measures for Cybersecurity Reviews "("Measures"") was revised by 12 Ministries on 28 December 2021 and comes into effect on 15 February 2022. The Square speaks with Dr Roberto Gilardino, Regional Partner for Asia and Additional Countries, on the implications of revised Measures and application for companies in China. The Square: The Measures focus on…

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China Cybersecurity Law, GDPR move to safeguard data

Thirty years ago, the internet was still in its infancy, mobile phones were scarce and “social networks” consisted of little more than your friends from college or high school. Today, our personal and professional lives are connected to public and private digital online networks designed to close the geographical distance of the global world, enhancing…

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