Horizons celebrate success at the third China International Import Expo

The third China International Import Expo (“CIIE”) saw Horizons strengthen partnerships and recognition as a leading cross-border corporate advisory. Participating for the first time as an invited CIIE exhibitor, the booth drew hundreds of visitors from 5-10 November including foreign and Chinese entities and government officials.

Noticeably, Horizons’ understanding of corporate challenges in inbound and outbound investment in China generated significant interest. Many welcomed Horizons’ focus on providing practical and ‘real world’ corporate solutions as an innovative approach amidst a sea of corporate jargon. Significant visitors and connections initiated during CIIE include the following:

  • H.E. Ambassador of Indonesia
  • Director of Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre
  • Trade Officer of Economic & Commercial Office of Spain in Shanghai
  • Economic Counsellor, the Kingdom of Morocco Embassy
  • Trade Officer of Consulate General of Turkey in Shanghai
  • Chief Representative of Polish Investment & Trade Agency Chief
  • Agriculture, Food and Drink Counsellor, British Embassy

Over the 5 days, Horizons Business Unit continued to secure new and strengthen existing partners. With an extensive worldwide network of expertise including the China Collaborative Group (“CCG”), many new and existing partners are working closely with Horizons to foster greater investment opportunities between China and the wider world. Significant partners secured and strengthened in CIIE include:

  • An investment and incubation platform for both Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs collaborating with Horizons to secure funding and development in China for overseas innovative projects.
  • A cross-border platform for small and medium enterprises to launch in the Chinese market, partnering with Horizons to provide a platform for foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers
  • A government office cooperating with Horizons to provide professional services to China outbound companies.
  • A private equity firm working with Horizons to identify and invest in high-potential overseas projects.

In addition to the visitors and partnerships, Horizons is seeing immediate benefits from participating in the third CIIE. Following the end of CIIE, Horizons Business Unit is receiving numerous meetings requests with the connections initiated. In the following weeks, the team will be meeting with several companies and government associations.

Horizons is proud to be invited to exhibit at the third CIIE. Despite the global pandemic and economic impact, the success achieved reflects China paving forward an open and accessible market for the world, as well as the country’s successful containment of COVID-19.

Dr. Danny Luk, Horizons Senior Equity Partner
“Amidst the pandemic, Horizons’ success at the third CIIE are positive developments for 2021 and beyond. With the increased government support to open China’s market to foreign investment coupled with strong economic recovery from COVID-19, this is a golden era for foreign companies to invest in China.”

Dr. Roberto Gilardino, Horizons Regional Partner, Asia and Additional Countries
“The success achieved at the third CIIE has propelled Horizons’ recognition as an avant-garde corporate advisory. From the simple and clean design of the booth to the exceptional teamwork from the Shanghai office, we reflected Horizons’ core value of one team, one focus point, one purpose committed to serving clients.”

Dr. Lucia Myriam Netti, Horizons Regional Partner for EMEA, Russia, Belarus
“As a first-time participant, the third CIIE offered numerous opportunities to increase our exposure with foreign companies either entering into China or existing in China. Particularly for foreign companies from CCG countries, we through the CCG platform can provide advisory through the language and culture of the client, which was a significant value for many CIIE visitors.”

Dr. Angela Su Qi, Horizons Partner Shanghai lead office
“Through the CIIE, we are seeing greater demand from Chinese entities, organisations, and platforms to work with Horizons and our worldwide network. As Horizons China is based in central Shanghai, Chinese clients can directly access our global network of experts with the correct understanding of the local culture and ways of thinking.”

Furthermore, Horizons has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with CIIE to participate in the next three-years. Horizons is honored to be invited to sign the MOU and confident that the subsequent CIIEs shall generate positive results for global trade and business opportunities.

If you would like to know more about Horizons’ participation in CIIE next year, please contact Ms. Miranda Dong at hb.dong@horizons-advisory.com.

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