Piercing the ‘Corporate Veil’ — Pakistan

In its Spring newsletter, CONSULEGIS International Litigation & Arbitration Specialist Group presented an abbreviated overview of 23 jurisdictions’ legal views on the topic of when courts may disregard a corporate entity to make owners of the entity personally liable for the debts of the entity—what is commonly thought of as “piercing the corporate veil”. Among the contributors…

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Gaining insight into the China market

Earlier this year Horizons held its first professional seminar in Milan, Italy, welcoming 100-plus attendees looking to get a leg up on doing business in China’s 'new' market. The event was designed to provide a dose of ‘in-the-know’ information about doing business in China. The event took place at Milan’s Palazzo del Lavoro and was co-organized…

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Horizons joins international network of legal professionals

Recently Horizons was officially accepted into CONSULEGIS, an international network of independent law firms, in-house lawyers and related professional advisors. CONSULEGIS includes members in more than 45 countries and 150 cities worldwide. The group’s mission is to provide its members with legal resources — local and cross-border — for their clients around the world, with an…

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