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China business: corporate seals explained

In practice, the corporate governance of a company in China is established in the utilisation of a company’s corporate seals and company seal policies. The corporate seal, often called a "chop", represents an unlimited power of attorney vested in the holder of the corporate seal(s). Once the seal is affixed to a document, the company…

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The importance of supervisors in corporate governance: high trust and understanding

Under Company Law of the People’s Republic of China (revised 2018), the corporate governance of a limited liability company shall include shareholders, a board of directors and senior officers. Previously, we reflected on the corporate governance structure and responsibilities. Here, we focus on the importance of the board of supervisors or supervisor in a limited…

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Corporate governance in China: A review of meetings and resolutions of the Limited Liability Company

Shareholders’ meeting Company Law of the People's Republic of China establishes the shareholders' meeting of a limited liability company to be comprised of its shareholders and is the highest authority in the company. The Shareholders’ meeting is an indispensable component in which members exercise their investor’s right to collectively govern the company, in accordance with…

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