APAC INSIDER | ‘Best International Corporate Advisory’ and ‘Leading Specialist in Transnational Corporate Transactions’ for 2020

Acting locally to achieve global results, Horizons is an advisory for today’s global decision-makers

8 October 2020 — Horizons Corporate Advisory, a Shanghai-based legal, tax and business consulting firm, has been named Best International Corporate Advisory 2020 and Leading Specialist in Transnational Corporate Transactions 2020 by APAC Insider. Published monthly, APAC Insider endeavours to bring its readers the latest need-to-know business content and updates from across the Asia Pacific Region.

Horizons is a unique corporate advisory with a multicountry network of legal, tax and business experts who are able quickly and effectively solve complex corporate challenges. 

For more than 30 years the firm has served clients in new market investment by providing sound legal, tax and accounting for structures that position clients to prosper. During this time, Horizons has proven again and again that it has the resources, the ‘know-how’ and the finesse that helps businesses succeed worldwide.

As an APAC Insider winner, Horizons stands recognised for the firm’s strong expertise in international cross-border transactions and their related aspects. This includes knowledge of specialised fields, a strong dedication to client service and an unyielding commitment to excellence and innovation.

APAC Insider is regarded as an invaluable resource for more than 160,000 leaders and decision-makers looking to be fully informed on major developments in the most vibrant business areas. APAC Insider’s approach reflects the innovative, dedicated and results-focused culture that has seen the Asia Pacific region become home to some of the most prominent industry leaders in the world.

As an independent awarding body, business size or reach are not the only deciding factors in determining APAC Insider winners. Rather, APAC Insider focuses intently on the quality of dedication and innovation within involved in industry work as well as the forming of positive relationships with clients. Nominees for APAC Insider legal awards are selected based on the publisher’s merit-orientated research. 

APAC Insider
“The legal awards cast a shining light on the very best and brightest within a highly-competitive industry,” says Chloe Smart, Awards Executive. “As the Awards’ Coordinator of the APAC Insider Legal Awards 2020 It was my honour to inform Horizon’s Advisory of their success in these awards. It is extremely well deserved and I wish them all the success in the future. Through our meticulous process, our program recognises those who have shown dedication and tenacity in all their endeavours as they strive to provide the highest levels of service.”

Dr Danny Luk, Horizons Corporate Advisory Senior Equity Partner 
“We offer our sincerest thank you to APAC Insider for awarding Horizons with Best International Corporate Advisory and Leading Specialist in Transnational Corporate Transactions, and recognising our commitment to excellence,” says Danny Luk, Horizons senior equity partner. “We are proud to say that Horizons has an outstanding track record of serving international clients seeking new foreign markets. More than serving mandates, we endeavour to build long-term relationships with clients to sustain long-term success and sustainability. Looking toward the rest of 2020 and beyond, our mission is to nimbly move forward navigating clients through the difficult challenges posed by COVID-19.” 

Dr Roberto Gilardino, Horizons Corporate Advisory Regional Partner for Asia and Additional Countries
“We are proud to earn two awards from APAC Insider and thank the judging panel for acknowledging our expertise in cross-border transactions,” says Roberto Gilardino, Horizons partner for Asia and additional countries. “At Horizons, our team is focussed on winning ways for investment by building a solid and stable foundation that paves the way to clients thriving in new markets. Ours is a well-proven track record of success in leading and closing cross-border business deals.”

Dr. Lucia Myriam Netti, Horizons Corporate Advisory Regional Partner for EMEA, Russia and Belarus
“It’s a great honour to be recognised for by APAC Insider,” says Lucia Myriam Netti, Horizons regional partner for EMEA, Russia and Belarus. “The work we do in the Asia region is a vital component of our worldwide practice, as cross-border business continues to reach further and further with companies large and small seeking opportunities in both established and new markets. With that, addressing business needs, laws and cultural aspects are all equally important in what we do. We’re not simply lawyers, but bridge builders.”

Horizons Corporate Advisory helps clients solve complex problems, thrive and be inherently responsible in their business activities worldwide. The countries and special administrative regions we operate in include Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Macau SAR, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, The Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland (French and German-speaking cantons), Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America and Zambia.

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